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  In France, from government officials to writer, professors and ordinary people, almost all have love books and the habit of reading. No wonder a French man said: "if the room no book, just like a person who has no soul." If we can say so? The French study, not because of the burden and living life pressure by strong interest, but because the traction, feelings and wonderful USES.

  If the journey of mind reading as words, so calmly really is the most critical. Whatever you read what, all need to give yourself a few full time, a quiet atmosphere -- writing is individual behavior, reading and why not personal experience? Reading once in the calm state, is coupled to YuanRen WuHui said, "as the ShangYou ancient how", that is to say, at this moment, the scholar has mentally and the ancients photograph communication, phase communication, thereby edify, purification, raised his mind world.

  If the essence of easy reading, however, but not everyone can grasp. Recently, read this story and think two quite will tell. LiuCheng northern-southern d唐山医院癫痫病ynasties have an academician, he called from QingDengHuangJuan, studious, do not eat, sleep sitting hand book. Can read back the I ching, three years out, but they don't know the truth. On the surface, "read three years view the I ching" quiet, even enough, however, aesthetic experience, not sentimental sympathetic chord, natural, how to touch with easy reading above? With is reading, also pleased to recite dun, literature but calm enough. He can still expertly back out of 120 back in a dream of red mansions ", MAO dun on novels made great achievements, don't return after its calmly reading, able to put the book knowledge into spiritual nourishment?

  Town calm set, the leisurely, afraid of study is the appeal of the reading. Think that year, SiMaWen male rev roll "will start with a clean, and then through the amanita cotton-padded mattress sitting, others" night, "book" rooting around lonely lamp, some thought "reading in bed, furnace to smoke, fog, beside the bottles, such ability did edge to" read flavor. So, I guess, from lu xun histories are morality "-- the word seam in, see this is written with" eating people "two words, saw thousands of years history only two times, namely the people want to be a 癫痫治疗方案有哪些slave and shall not do the era and temporarily steadily slave era -- this ground-breaking of speech, is YiShi is its eye farce, however, why not general with lu xun's a tea a smoke concomitant, in no hurry deconstruction, flavorful analyzes relevant?

  A man is really to do calmly reading, not treat reading as a soul, without giving a duty entrusted to noble DuanQingChun time thoughts and sincere words, that generally is no good. Because I didn't want to calm people, since there are many reasons can be, what world is too noisy ah, lively things too much ah, temptation is too strong, etc.? Also no wonder ancient many readers always put the sit-ins as required by the neo-confucianism, and reassure less-desired thoughts. Zhu xi warned readers said: "when sit-ins self-restraint, was experiencing thinking." truth scaling Cheng, "each see people sit, and then sigh its good study." Yes, only break, MingJiangLiSuo stand loneliness, stand lure, can easy reading. In this sense, reading this is unconditional, it depends entirely on self choice. Take the French President francois mitterrand, his politics for decades, no matter how busy governmental affairs in two hours every day, don't read books always night without全国著名癫痫医院 AnQin. President of a country its busy unguided understandably, its extent even can calmly reading, then we?

  Famous writer hanging RuZhiJuan book room.will reading "cooking the books" 2 words banners. She said: "books, light see is no good, see a story that equals huluntianzao, should intensive reading. However, return not enough, then cook '. 'to' how cooking 'transformational, lucid."

  If the good books to friends, so one would not "cooking the books" person, sitting on a group of talented friends with, besides is among the puppet, an irony and a kind of torture and outside, and can what??? A book people said: "everyone is a god, and then have also Olympus." together Say well swum ha! Desire to make "god", it might as well from "cooking the books" beginning, might as well learn easy reading!

  Perhaps, we end life also can't close to calm state, however, advocating calmly quality process, no doubt has started calmly.